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Skin Treatments

Southbank plastic surgery centre offers a wide range of skin treatments to help you make the changes you want to yourskin, all under the guidance of our expert surgeon Mr Brett Archer MBBS, FRACS

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Skin Treatments

Skin is the largest organ of your body and is delicate. No matter what type of skin surgery you need, by using a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon like myself is to have the biggest chance at having a “good scar”. From skin cancers to an annoying mole, when I remove any lesion there are several factors that I take into consideration. My technique, the selection of suture materials and how long I leave the sutures in, all account for approximately one third of the result. The next one third is up to you in how you look after your wound. How you maintain the dressing, the type of sun protection you use, any tape I advise you to apply, all factor in your healing.

Some people are prone to scarring and there are areas subject to worse scarring than others, for example the shoulders, back and upper chest. It’s important we discuss your expectations so I can provide you with a realistic expectation of the result. Plastic surgeons are not magicians and I don’t want you to be disappointed with your result.

I have extensive experience in all types of skin cancer, and the reconstruction involved due to the deficits they leave. If your surgery only requires a local anaesthetic, you can be assured you will find the experience a lot less painful and stressful than you may fear. I will make you feel comfortable and help you remember the most important time taken is for the anaesthetic to work! I’ll talk you through each step and assure you which will result in the procedure taking less time than you would expect.

Skin lesion removal is common and some skin lesions can be removed simply under local anaesthetic. When you book your initial consultation for removal of a skin lesion, we usually allow sufficient time to remove the lesion at the same time. The benefit for you? You will have one less visit to make to our practice. Your time is important to us.

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