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Treatments for men

Dermal aesthetics Medispa offers a wide range of treatments for men to help you make the changes you want to yourself, all under the guidance of our expert surgeon Mr Brett Archer MBBS, FRACS

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Available Procedures

Treatments for men

Cosmetic procedures for men have been growing steadily for many years. Unfortunately many people haven’t grasped the fundamental differences between the genders with regards to skin type, facial shape, muscle bulk, facial expression etc.

At SPS and DAM we have a large male clientele, from a diverse range of ages and occupations. As with all our procedures, we tailor things to suit each person, rather than applying “formula practice” or “recipe medicine”. Wrinkle treatments (“brotox”), soft-tissue fillers, and skin rejuvenation procedures form the bulk of our work, but surgical procedures like eyelid “tucks” (blepharoplasty), and small areas of liposuction are also popular.

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