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Arm Reduction

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Arm Reduction

To contour the arms for clothing, excess skin and fat can be removed from the upper arms, however it leaves a long scar from armpit to elbow. Your age and skin type are important factors in assessing your suitability.

Excess skin on your arms can really take a toll on your confidence. From feeling like you have flappy wings to avoiding large arm movements, that extra skin can weigh you down physically and emotionally.

With many causes ranging from drastic weight changes, age or those suffering from lymphoedema, there’s good news for you if you have excess skin on your arms. While exercise can help tone the arms, for any excess, skin surgery is needed. An arm reduction or arm lift involves a general anaesthesia and the procedure generally takes approximately three hours.

An arm reduction can be done to contour your arms to improve how they look in clothing. I can also remove excess skin and fat from the upper arms. The improved look in clothing is a huge plus but there is a long scar that will be left from armpit to elbow.

Recovery can take up to a month during which time you should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting. With any procedure resting as much as possible after the procedure is important.

I will make sure you are aware of any risks and resultant scarring before undergoing the procedure. I will assess your suitability for an arm reduction in a detailed consultation taking into account your age and skin type which can impact the result.

If you’re sick of flappy excess skin on your upper arms, contact the clinic today for a consultation to see if this procedure can work for you.

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